Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), the workhorse of modern laboratories, is a software solution that is used to automate laboratory workflows, efficiently manage data, meet quality and regulatory requirements, and boost lab productivity.

According to a recent report by Market Watch, the global market for cloud-based LIMS is expected to grow at a CAGR exceeding 12% during 2022-2031. Labs need to consider several factors when selecting the ideal LIMS solution that will grant them a competitive edge in the market and help them overcome day-to-day lab challenges.

6 Critical Questions to Ask When Buying LIMS Software in Australia

Is it cloud-based?

Having your LIMS in the cloud has several benefits that will help scale and meet the set objectives of your lab. A cloud-based LIMS solution minimizes upfront expenditure on IT resources and supports a quicker roll-out of services. It promotes flexibility by allowing 24×7 remote access to the LIMS and facilitates collaboration in real-time. It also guarantees data security and minimizes chances of data loss. Implementing a cloud-based LIMS will offer excellent investment returns in the long run.

Does it support my industry?

Your lab requirements should guide your decision when choosing the best LIMS. General-purpose LIMS is best suited for industries with limited or no regulatory requirements. Industries such as clinical diagnostics, clinical research, biobanks, and cannabis are highly regulated and require a LIMS that has features to support industry-specific compliance requirements. A LIMS that can be configured to meet the current and future needs of your industry is the ideal solution for your lab.

Does it have configuration and integration capabilities?

A LIMS should have configuration and integration capabilities to support ever-changing lab needs and to facilitate the seamless transfer of data from various instruments and software to the LIMS and vice versa, eliminating data silos.

Are there any upfront and hidden costs?

While pricing should not be the top consideration when choosing the best LIMS for your facility, extra costs involved in maintaining the LIMS should be a key consideration. Some LIMS vendors charge for customization or configuration, product upgrades, and instrument and software integration which can significantly inflate the total cost of the LIMS.

Does the LIMS vendor offer technical support?

This is a very important but often overlooked factor when choosing the best LIMS. It is best to choose a LIMS vendor that offers unlimited technical support for free.

Does the LIMS vendor offer any complimentary services?

The next question you should ask yourself is “what else?” Does the LIMS offer extra services that will improve the efficiency of your lab and reduce the total cost of ownership?

These are the critical factors to be on the lookout for when choosing a LIMS solution for your facility. We have taken the time to research LIMS in Australia and based on our research, here are the best 4 LIMS software.

1. CloudLIMS

CloudLIMS is a comprehensive, configurable, scalable, cloud-based LIMS solution offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) by, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. CloudLIMS is SOC 2 Type 1 compliant. Currently, CloudLIMS supports five different industries: biobanking, clinical research, clinical diagnostics, cannabis, and COVID-19. Here are some of the key features of CloudLIMS:

  • Manages samples, tests, sample storage locations
  • Includes patient portal, physician portal, and client portal
  • Supports document management, instrument management, lab inventory management, staff training management
  • Helps labs manage workflows, services and billing, studies, and kits
  • Complies with ISO 17025, CLIA, ISO 20387, HIPAA, ISO 15189, 21 CFR Part 11, and GLP requirements

CloudLIMS offers several complimentary services – legacy data migration, product upgrades, technical support, instrument integration, automatic backups, and reporting templates. They do not charge anything over and above the subscription fee.

They offer technical support and training during Australian business hours. You can learn more about CloudLIMS from their website or by calling them at +61 (8) 62449080.

2. Lims1

Lims1 is a fully integrated, flexible, scalable, cloud-based LIMS solution from LTech Australia. It comes with several add-ons that enhance the functionality of the software. The list of supported industries is not mentioned on their website. That said, some of the features of Lims1 are as follows:

  • Assigns user roles and privileges
  • Supports remote sample registration
  • Enables clients to access results and files via a web portal
  • Offers add-on modules: Analytical Batch, Importing and Exporting Invoicing, Lab-Trainer, OmniMobile

They offer unlimited support. The cost of the software includes upgrades and maintenance. You can learn more about Lims1 from their website or by giving them a call at +61 2 8677 9565.

3. OpreX LIMS

OpreX LIMS is a LIMS solution from Yokogawa Australia that supports various industries, such as environment, water treatment, food, oil, chemical, and pharmaceutical. The software can be installed locally or accessed via a web browser. Here are some key features of OpreX LIMS:

  • Supports test management, reagent management, and automated report generation
  • Supports interaction with ERP, PMS, and MES
  • Supports analyzer calibration management and inventory management
  • Offers installation and maintenance support
  • Is customizable and compatible with different analyzers

You can learn more about OpreX LIMS from their website.


FLYONIT LIMS is a cloud-based LIMS solution offered by the Australian-based IT firm, FLYONIT. This software supports laboratories across different industries, including energy, veterinary, environmental, food and beverage, and chemical. Some of the features of the LIMS are:

  • Supports online booking for sample collection or submission
  • Supports sample log management
  • Manages client information
  • Supports billing and sample inventory control
  • Manages documents and reports

You can learn more about FLYONIT LIMS from their website or by calling them at 1300 359 664.


The roles of LIMS have evolved significantly in the last decade. Moving from the simple tracking of laboratory data to managing entire lab workflows, meeting quality and regulatory requirements, and integrating with a variety of instruments, among other complex roles. This has made selecting the best LIMS a complicated task.

It is best to choose a LIMS that is secure, configurable, cost-effective, and has features to support your industry.




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