Material Testing LIMS - Enhance Efficiency, Automate Lab Workflows, and Meet Compliance With FreeLIMS

Materials, by definition, are intrinsically tied to the acts of human-or-automation-driven creation. In the context of these processes, “quality,” “safety,” and “reliability” emerge as indispensable considerations. Ensuring quality, safety, and reliability in any manufactured or constructed entity necessitates the involvement of laboratory testing. This is where the significance of materials testing labs becomes paramount. These laboratories employ a range of techniques, including mechanical, chemical, and other analytical methods, to analyze materials comprehensively. The goal is to ascertain the material’s viability, quality, and reliability, among other crucial attributes. Through such analyses, materials testing laboratories play an integral role in instilling confidence in the integrity of manufactured and constructed items.

Materials testing laboratories encounter a constant influx of numerous samples and generate substantial amounts of analytical data. The manual transfer of such data is both time-consuming and susceptible to errors. These labs are tasked with the ongoing challenge of managing a large volume of samples, data, and processes, all while striving to meet demands for accuracy, data integrity, compliance, quality, and productivity. A material testing LIMS offers a turnkey solution to help labs meet these demands.

LIMS Software for Materials Testing Labs

Introducing FreeLIMS – A free, secure, cloud-based, configurable LIMS for materials testing labs. It is designed to help labs get rid of manual processes, paper forms, and scattered spreadsheets across multiple computers. It is your gateway to seamless digitization, enabling you to configure and automate testing workflows irrespective of the type of materials you test in your lab. 

FreeLIMS Supports a Wide Range of Materials Testing









Material Characterization

Ozone and Gas Exposure

Tensile or Compression

Thermomechanical Analysis

The LIMS for material testing helps labs manage a wide range of samples, ensuring samples are tracked from the time they arrive at the lab to their disposal. Upon arrival, you can accession and label every sample using a unique barcode and track its progress through different tests in real-time. FreeLIMS’ material testing LIMS also automates data entry and organizes data in a structured way, removing errors linked to manual data entry. Furthermore, it transforms workflows by automating testing protocols. Automated workflows enhance the efficient use of resources, including time, equipment, and human resources. Efficient sample management, organized data, automated workflows, quality control, and adherence to regulations are just a few essential features that render FreeLIMS highly valuable for material testing labs.

Material Testing LIMS: Key Benefits

  • Automate internal quality testing and third-party testing workflows
  • Centrally manage, import, and export data efficiently and without any redundancy
  • Meet regulatory compliance and quality standards, and be audit-ready
  • Generate professional certificates of analysis (CoAs) with logos, charts, and sample pictures using configurable reporting templates and save the templates for reuse
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in real-time

FreeLIMS - A Feature-Rich, Adaptable, Secure LIMS for Material Testing Labs

Our Material Testing LIMS allows you to:

  • Efficiently log, manage, and track physical material samples throughout the entire life cycle to prevent mix-ups.
  • Maintain samples and test Chain of Custody (CoC) to regulate the transfer of samples/tests from one custodian to another.
  • Meet ISO 17025:2017, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap), and other accreditations.
  • Comply with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), United States Military Standards (MIL-STD), and other standards.
  • Incorporate or adjust workflows as per the evolving standards and customer demands through user-friendly interfaces. Furthermore, FreeLIMS enables you to monitor sample processing workflows, streamline them, flag deviations from standard protocols, and increase efficiency.
  • Manage qualitative and quantitative tests and their results, configure formulas and automate complex calculations, validate test results for quality assurance, and track test turnaround time to monitor laboratory efficiency.
  • Maintain a read-only audit trail to track all staff activities along with the date and time of their execution.
  • Manage your laboratory inventory data for vital supplies, reagents, and consumables, and schedule timely reorders.
  • Prioritize and manage rush orders, ensuring critical samples receive greater attention and faster processing.
  • Enable your clients to place test requests for multiple samples, view test results in real-time, and download CoA and invoices through a configurable client portal.
  • Enjoy remote access to data and synchronization at various data points.

Transform Your Lab with Our Free Materials LIMS

Meet ISO 17025 Compliance with Our Reliable LIMS Solution for Materials Testing

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

Configure test validation preferences and send multiple tests for validation, ensuring proper validation of each test result.

  • Quality Control (QC)

Manage QC samples and their test results. Validate each test run by comparing the test results of QC samples with the test samples and identify analytical errors.

  • Trend Analysis

Generate trending control charts across several variables to efficiently track and visualize variations in your lab processes. Quickly recognize patterns and deviations, thus foreseeing potential issues and cost-saving opportunities through proactive actions. Elevate testing reliability, ensure product quality, and bolster your laboratory’s credibility by optimizing processes.

  • Instrument Calibration & Maintenance

Ensure your instruments are up-to-date and in good working condition with FreeLIMS’ instrument calibration and maintenance management functionality. Maintain a log of past maintenance and calibration activities, schedule upcoming calibration and preventive maintenance work, and receive reminders ahead of the scheduled work. 

  • Document Management

Manage documents such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), drawings, training and quality manuals, certifications, regulatory files, receipts, and all your laboratory’s essential documents in one place, and enable role-based document access to personnel. FreeLIMS’ material testing LIMS maintains document versioning, ensuring staff members access only the most recent version of the documents.

  • Lab Staff Training Management

Manage the training of laboratory staff and their professional competency, alert personnel about upcoming training(s), and generate custom competency reports. With FreeLIMS’ material testing LIMS, you can ensure tasks are delegated only to personnel with up-to-date training.