Veterinary Lab Management Software - It’s Free, Configurable, Secure, & Future-Ready!

A Free, Configurable, Secure, In-the-Cloud, Veterinary Lab Management Software

In a world where emerging diseases in animals have the potential to impact human health, the global animal healthcare market is witnessing an unprecedented uptrend. Within this dynamic landscape, veterinary laboratories play an important role in safeguarding the well-being of both animals and humans alike. These laboratories are at the forefront of addressing the challenges presented by zoonotic diseases and the escalating need for their diagnostic services. Veterinary laboratories are entrusted with the secure handling of biospecimens, the efficient execution of tests and result management, reporting of test results to veterinary physicians, and strict adherence to industry best practices and regulatory guidelines. Just as errors in human clinical testing can have dire consequences, the accuracy and precision of veterinary diagnostics are equally essential to ensuring the health and welfare of animals and the broader community.

Veterinary Lab Management Software

FreeLIMS is a cloud-based veterinary Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed to scale alongside veterinary laboratory’s evolving needs. It aids in managing data, automating processes, and meeting regulatory guidelines efficiently. As a cloud-based solution, the veterinary LIMS offers the advantage of accessibility from anywhere, at any time, ensuring effortless deployment and enabling veterinary laboratories to swiftly digitize operations without the necessity of investing in IT infrastructure or dedicated personnel.

Veterinary LIMS: Key Benefits

  • Efficient Data Management
  • Easy and Secure Data Access
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-time Global Collaboration
  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance

FreeLIMS’ Vet LIMS Software Features Include

  • Manage samples throughout their life cycle.
  • Manage animal data, including species, breed, age, and life stage information.
  • Maintain a sample chain of custody to regulate the transfer of samples from one custodian to another.
  • Maintain genealogy to maintain sample lineage.
  • Manage qualitative and quantitative tests and their results, import test results of samples tested for multi-analytes, validate test results, and track test turnaround time to monitor laboratory efficiency.
  • Seamlessly generate intuitive and meaningful test reports, protected and authenticated with electronic signatures. You can include your organization’s logo for branding and signatures of laboratory manager(s) or authorized personnel in test reports.
  • Maintain a non-modifiable audit trail to track all activities performed by each laboratory staff along with a date and time stamp and the reason for performing those activities.
  • Veterinary laboratories deal with a variety of animal breeds, necessitating the application of test limits specific to each breed. FreeLIMS allows you the ability to set relevant reference limits, taking into account factors such as the animal's species, breed, age, or life stage. This functionality ensures that test results that fall outside the established reference ranges are flagged, enabling laboratory managers to assess the necessity of retesting.
  • Facilitate culture and sensitivity testing, aiding veterinarians in identifying the optimal antimicrobial treatment for a specific infection in veterinary patients. Furthermore, FreeLIMS allows you to configure formula expressions to derive conclusive results from raw data, eliminating the need for manual calculations that are prone to errors.

Our Secure LIMS Solution for Veterinary Labs Helps You Meet ISO 15189 Requirements

  • Manage Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) 

Streamline the handling of QC samples like blanks and spikes using FreeLIMS. Additionally, FreeLIMS’ veterinary LIMS automates calculations and eases the process of comparing QC results with actual test results, identifying any unusual analytical patterns that could jeopardize test results. It aids in the internal validation of test results and highlights values that diverge from the anticipated range, ensuring the accuracy of all results delivered to clients.

  • Manage Training of Lab Staff

Allocate responsibilities exclusively to the lab personnel who are up-to-date with their training. FreeLIMS’ vet LIMS empowers you to oversee the proficiency of lab staff, encompassing their competencies, certifications, and training progress. FreeLIMS produces skill reports for personnel and sends notifications to alert them about forthcoming training in the pipeline. This functionality ensures that you don’t assign tasks to staff members who have not completed their training or whose training has become outdated.

  • Ensure Proper Functioning of Lab Equipment

Manage records of all equipment used in calibration and testing. With FreeLIMS, you can set up schedules for equipment calibration and uphold records tracking calibration, maintenance, and pre-use functional inspections. Additionally, FreeLIMS’ veterinary lab management software empowers you to schedule preventive maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Manage Documents

Effortlessly manage documents, including procedure manuals and instrument maintenance guides, while maintaining strict document control. FreeLIMS allows you to submit documents to authorized individuals for regular review and approval and assign role-based access to staff to view or edit documents. Furthermore, FreeLIMS ensures that only the most up-to-date versions of documents are accessible to all staff members.

  • Manage Chain of Custody

Ensure transparency and accountability at every stage by establishing a digital chain of custody, which traces the progression of samples throughout their lifecycle.