A Free, Secure, Configurable, Scalable LIMS for Environmental Testing Labs

With the growing recognition of the need to protect the environment and the emphasis on sustainable development, environmental testing laboratories have an excellent opportunity to broaden their role in monitoring environmental change. The need for environmental testing is growing, and environmental laboratories must rise to the occasion to take advantage of new opportunities while meeting compliance and operating efficiently. 

Environmental laboratories face a slew of operational and regulatory issues. They must screen new contaminants, meet strict detection limits, adapt to evolving regulatory changes, meet quality standards to ensure testing accuracy, and report results in the shortest time possible. The good news is, there’s a way to overcome these challenges effectively. The answer lies in using a LIMS.

FreeLIMS is a zero-cost, secure, cloud-based LIMS specially designed for environmental testing laboratories keeping in mind their day-to-day operational challenges. It helps manage samples and associated data, flag samples containing contaminants beyond the regulatory limits, scale up operations to meet the increasing testing needs, and generate custom test reports.

FreeLIMS enables laboratories to quickly transition from inefficient manual, paper-based processes to an automated system, paving the way for higher efficiency and throughput. Furthermore, FreeLIMS allows environmental testing laboratories to easily meet global regulations and quality standards.

Environmental LIMS System Key Benefits

  • Manage samples and test results seamlessly
  • Secure access to data in real-time
  • Streamline quality control and quality assurance processes
  • Comply with regulations with ease
  • Collaborate with your colleagues in real-time
  • Generate custom CoAs to meet client needs

Environmental LIMS Solution Features Include

  • Increase laboratory efficiency by eliminating manual paper-based processes, minimizing the turnaround time.
  • Manage samples and ensure their traceability at all times in the sample lifecycle.
  • Configure flagging sets based on the regulatory limits for different contaminants for automatic flagging of samples with out-of-specification test results. Manage QC samples and compare their test results with the results of actual samples to pinpoint anomalies and take necessary corrective actions.
  • Maintain a complete Chain-of-Custody (CoC) for samples and tests.
  • Maintain an audit trail to track all activities performed by laboratory staff along with a date and time stamp.
  • Generate personalized Certificates of Analysis (CoA) containing sample information, test details, test results, and client information for multiple analytes.
  • Meet regulatory compliance and follow best practices for high-quality and reliable results.
  • Seamlessly manage records of different types of clients. You can add client records manually or import them from a file. Furthermore, you can also upload an image to each client record.