LIMS Software for Food and Beverage Testing

A Free LIMS Software for Food & Beverage Testing Laboratories

The primary role of a food and beverage testing lab is to ensure that all food or beverage items being released to the public meet the quality standards of FDA and other regulating bodies. From product development to final product, these labs need to ensure that the product is safe for consumption and is produced under strict safety and hygiene conditions. Two major testing goals for Food & Beverage manufacturing laboratories include testing to identify potential hazardous agents such as chemicals and pathogens and maintaining sample traceability throughout the life cycle of production, including processing and packaging.

Laboratories that test Food and Beverage products for consumer safety face several challenges with an increased number of samples and the necessity of proper tracking of the results. Additionally, major regulating bodies like the FDA and ISO have set down a plethora of guidelines to ensure that laboratories testing food and beverage products are compliant in handling such data, managing all documents pertaining to the tests and maintaining proper protocol and SOPs for testing of the food and beverage samples.

The FreeLIMS Food and Beverage LIMS software solution helps you track a sample through the laboratory, thus providing traceability. Food samples from each step of the production line can be easily tracked, analyzed and the test results recorded with ease. This enables manufacturing units to maintain quality.

With a LIMS in place, managing documents and maintaining multiple test results simultaneously becomes easy and quick. This leads to a drop in the chances of human errors in Food and Beverage testing laboratories and increases the overall quality and safety of the product for consumption. Using a LIMS also increases a laboratory’s credibility. LIMS allows Food and Beverage Testing labs to easily adhere to the worldwide food safety regulations and compliance, including FDA 21 CFR part 11 and ISO 17025 regulations.

Food and Beverages LIMS Key Benefits

  • Efficient Data Management
  • Manage QA/QC Processes
  • Easy Data Access
  • Daily Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Follow Regulatory Guidelines and Standards

Food and Beverages LIMS Software Features Include

  • Sample traceability through their life-cycle.
  • Maintain Sample Chain of Custody to regulate the transfer of samples from one custodian to another.
  • Manage qualitative and quantitative tests and their results, import test results of samples tested for multi-analytes, validate test results, and track test turnaround time to monitor laboratory efficiency.
  • Seamlessly generate intuitive and meaningful test reports, protected and authenticated with electronic signatures. You can include your organization’s logo and signatures of authorized personnel in test reports for professional reporting.
  • Maintain a read-only audit trail to track all activities performed in a laboratory along with a date and time stamp.