Cannabis LIMS Software - Manage Data, Digitize Lab Operations, & Meet Regulatory Compliance

A Free, Secure, Configurable, and Scalable LIMS for Cannabis and Hemp Testing Labs

With many states in the US legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis, there has been a substantial increase in businesses offering cannabis testing. The federal legalization of hemp and hemp-derived products in the US has accelerated the growth of hemp testing labs. The state and federal regulations for cannabis and hemp labs, respectively, together with the ISO/IEC 17025 guidelines that define the general requirements for cannabis and hemp testing labs, pose challenges. Additionally, labs need to account for each gram of sample and report test results to regulatory agencies. By upholding these quality standards and regulatory requirements, cannabis and hemp testing laboratories contribute to the overall legitimacy and reputation of the industry, ultimately fostering trust and confidence among both consumers and regulatory authorities. 

Cannabis and hemp testing laboratories must establish comprehensive workflows to uphold sample traceability throughout its lifecycle & generate high-quality test results. This includes maintaining the chain of custody, following standard operating protocols, and monitoring each step in the workflow for pitfalls. Additionally, managing the training and competency of lab personnel, scheduling instrument calibration and maintenance, and managing lab inventory is crucial. This roughly translates into humongous paperwork, which, when unmaintained, could possibly lead to legal ramifications and deterioration of quality.

FreeLIMS offers a free LIMS for cannabis and hemp testing labs. It is a one-stop solution for meeting diverse compliance requirements, automating workflows, and meeting data management and reporting requirements, all at no cost.

Cannabis LIMS Software: Key Benefits

  • Manage data efficiently
  • Automate workflows
  • Meet regulatory compliance
  • Generate professional CoAs
  • Streamline QA/QC processes
  • Share CoAs and invoices with clients seamlessly
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in real-time
  • Meet state tracking requirements

All-inclusive Cannabis Lab Testing Software

  • Manage samples and batches throughout the life cycle
  • Maintain a Chain of Custody (CoC) to regulate the transfer of samples and tests from one custodian to another
  • Meet regulatory compliances such as ISO 17025:2017, 21 CFR part 11, GLP, and state and local regulations via automated workflow management
  • Manage qualitative and quantitative tests and their results, import test results of samples tested for multi-analytes, validate test results for quality assurance, and track test turnaround time to monitor laboratory efficiency
  • Seamlessly generate comprehensive Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) with signatures, logos, charts, and sample pictures
  • Maintain a read-only audit trail to track all staff activities along with the date and time of their execution
  • Quality control can be established by comparing the test results of a batch with a blank
  • Manage your laboratory inventory data for vital supplies, reagents, and consumables, and schedule timely reorders
  • Prioritize and manage rush orders, ensuring critical samples receive top-notch attention and faster processing
  • Enable your clients to place test requests, view test results, download CoAs and invoices through a configurable client portal

Transform Your Lab with Our Free Cannabis LIMS

Meet ISO 17025 Compliance with Our Secure LIMS for Cannabis & Hemp Testing Labs

  • Quality Assurance

Configure test validation preferences, send multiple tests for validation and ensure accurate validation of each test result.

  • Quality Control

Manage QC samples and validate each test run by comparing the test results of QC samples with the test samples, thus identifying analytical errors.

  • Trend Analysis

Track and visualize variations in your lab processes, identify patterns and anomalies, anticipate issues and potential cost savings proactively, and improve testing reliability.

  • Instrument Calibration

Establish calibration timetables for equipment and maintain meticulous records that monitor calibration and maintenance. FreeLIMS sends out maintenance or calibration alert notifications, ensuring timely calibration of all equipment.

  • Document Management

Manage all internal and external documents, such as standard operating procedures (SOPs),  regulatory documents, and quality management manuals. FreeLIMS’ cannabis lab testing software tracks the revision history of each document so that staff members access only the latest version of documents. It also provides role-based document access rights to staff.

  • Lab Personnel Training Management

Monitor the competencies, certifications, and training advancements of your lab personnel. FreeLIMS generates skill reports for staff and issues notifications for upcoming training, ensuring tasks are delegated only to personnel with up-to-date or relevant training.