Digitally Transform Your Diagnostic Lab with Healthcare LIMS Software

FreeLIMS is a secure, cloud-based, configurable Diagnostic Lab Management Software

Clinical diagnostic laboratories play an important role in disease detection, monitoring, and treatment decision-making. These laboratories are essential in providing accurate and timely insights into a patient’s health, aiding healthcare professionals in delivering precise and personalized care. They perform a wide range of testing services, from routine blood tests to advanced molecular diagnostics, and the data from these examinations is crucial for disease diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment evaluation. However, the landscape of clinical diagnostics is not without its complexities and challenges. These labs have to deliver results swiftly while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. They need to ensure secure handling and tracking of biospecimens, essential not only for maintaining the integrity of diagnostic testing but also for upholding patient confidentiality and privacy. Moreover, these laboratories must adhere to a myriad of regulatory guidelines and best practices. Adherence to data protection regulations such as HIPAA and EU GDPR is crucial in maintaining patient trust and complying with legal requirements. Compliance with standards such as CLIA, ISO 15189:2022, GCP, and other relevant regulations ensures the delivery of high-quality, reliable diagnostic services.

Pathology LIMS

FreeLIMS is an advanced cloud-based LIMS for clinical diagnostic labs. It is a comprehensive solution that seamlessly supports the dynamic workflows of medical and healthcare labs, providing a unified platform for securely managing biospecimens, patient consent, and sensitive patient data. With its comprehensive capabilities, clinical diagnostics laboratories can navigate the complexities of their operational landscape with agility, ensuring smooth coordination of resources, compliance with regulatory mandates, and a high level of efficiency.

FreeLIMS’ Pathology LIMS: Key Benefits

  • Securely manage samples and patient metadata
  • Generate custom test reports
  • Enable secure data access
  • Meet compliance & follow best practices
  • Streamline quality control/quality assurance processes
  • Collaborate with stakeholders in real-time

FreeLIMS’ Clinical Diagnostics LIMS Includes the Following Features

  • Enable patients to self-register on FreeLIMS’ patient portal, place test requests, associate themselves with physicians, and download test reports as soon as they are released by your lab.
  • Enable physicians to enter patient data, print sample labels, associate patient records with samples, place diagnostic test requests, track request status in real-time, and download test reports and invoices using FreeLIMS’ HIPAA-compliant physician portal.
  • Follow HIPAA, CLIA, CAP, EU GDPR, ISO 15189:2022, GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, and local regulations with ease.
  • Securely store sample data, track samples using barcodes, print labels, maintain a chain-of-custody (CoC), and oversee all aspects of sample lineage, including aliquots, derivatives, and pooled samples.
  • Securely manage patient data along with their demographic details and clinical history.
  • Manage clinical diagnostic tests and their results, maintain CoC, validate test outcomes, automate complex calculations, track TAT, analyze result patterns, and share test reports with patients and physicians in a batch.
  • Seamlessly generate intuitive and meaningful test reports based on diverse criteria. Generate professional reports by incorporating your organization's logo for branding along with the signatures of authorized personnel.
  • Increase laboratory efficiency by automating workflows and flag deviations from standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • Safeguard laboratory data by assigning role-based access to authorized personnel only.
  • Manage and configure kits, design barcodes for kits, and print labels. You can set reminders to receive alerts if the current number of kits is less than the specified quantity, ensuring timely ordering of kits.
  • Manage laboratory inventory, such as reagents and other consumables.
  • Manage laboratory services, including sample test requests, and establish catalogs for each service provided by your lab. Additionally, facilitate invoice generation or upload invoices from third-party billing software to the patient portal.
  • Track all shipments right from the origin to the destination to avoid misplacing samples. You can assign a unique ID to each incoming and outgoing shipment, associate each shipment with samples, and then check in incoming samples or remove the ones shipped out.
  • Maintain an audit trail to automatically monitor all activities performed in the laboratory along with a date and time stamp.

Meet CLIA, HIPAA, and ISO 15189 Compliance with Our Secure Healthcare LIMS Solution

  • Ensure and Maintain the Confidentiality of Patient Data

Safeguard patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) through the anonymization of sensitive patient data and the maintenance of an audit trail of access, updates, or deletions of PHI. It is also possible to generate a PHI audit report. Additionally, protect sensitive data from unauthorized access by assigning role-based access exclusively to authorized personnel.

  • Manage Training of Laboratory Staff

Manage training and competency records of lab staff and generate staff competency reports. This enables laboratory managers to allocate tasks only to individuals possessing the required training, competence, and expertise to carry out the assigned tasks efficiently.

  • Manage Equipment and Ensure Their Proper Functioning

Manage instrument records, set up instrument calibration schedules, and carry out preventive maintenance on time. FreeLIMS helps you manage calibration and maintenance results, ensuring your instruments are ready for use when required.

  • Manage Documents

Effortlessly manage documents, including procedure manuals, instrument maintenance manuals, standard operating procedures (SOPs), validated standard test methods, and more, and provide their access to authorized individuals. You can submit documents to authorized personnel for review and approval, ensuring that only the most recent versions are available to all authorized users.